Monthly Competitions:

Win points playing free chat games and win real prizes! We play free chat games every day in which you can accumulate points for monthly raffles. The more points you accumulate, the better chance to win the monthly raffle prize. This month we will give away an iPhone!

Chat games:

Monday: Survival Of The Fittest

Are you the fittest of all? Take the challenge and prove it to us! Pick a number 1-75 and if your number comes out, yell OUTTT and you will stay in the race! The more games you stay in the race, the more points you get!! First game gets 1 point and for every game after you will receive 1 extra point! If your number doesn't come out, we go on without you and you start all over again – sorry!

Tuesday: Poking Eyes

No one likes a poke in the eye until now! Player picks two «I»s (numbers between 16-30.) If BOTH your numbers come out in first eight «I»s called, yell OUCH and you win 5 points!

Wednesday:  Roulette

Take a spin with our roulette game and pile up the points! Pick a number between 1-75 and if your number comes out in the first 10 calls, yell OUTTT and you are a WINNER!
1st, 10 points
2nd, 9 points
3rd, 8 points

Thursday: Gone Fishing

Going fishing has never been so fun! Player gives the chat host two picks between1-75. If BOTH numbers come out, yell SPLASHHH in chat and you win points!
1st, 3 points
2nd, 2 points
3rd, 1 point

Friday:  Birthday Tourney

It's your birthday and you can yell if you want to! Player gives the chat host their birthday and if the number of your day comes out, yell BDAYYYY in chat and you win!
1st, 3 points
2nd, 2 points
3rd, 1 point

Saturday: Lucky 7

The number 7 is considered the luckiest for a reason! Players choose one number containing a 7 (example: 7,17,27,37 etc.) and tell the Chat host. Be the first to yell Lucky 7 when your number comes out and win points!
1st: 7 points
2nd: 5 points
3rd: 1 point

Sunday: Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the luckiest of them all? Players choose 2 numbers that mirror each other (example: 25-52, 17-71) and tell the Chat Host. When both of your numbers are called, yell Mirror plus your numbers for 5 points.

Note: Players of chat games and special promotions are allowed a one-time win ONLY.

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